Med stor stolthet bjuder SWABA in till en halvdag med två giganter inom beteendeanalys och undervisning!

Direkt efter ABAI-konferensen har vi fått möjligheten att erbjuda föreläsningar med dr Joanne Robbins (rektor Morningside Academy, Seattle) och dr Joe Layng (omöjlig att presentera i få ord… med 50 års erfarenhet av experimentell och tillämpad beteendeanalys),

Tisdag 1 oktober STOCKHOLM

sal 5, Djurgymnasiet, Trekantsvägen 7b, Stockholm.

14.00 – 15.30 TAPS Think Aloud Problem Solving (Joe Layng & Joanne Robbins)

16.00 – 17.30 EMOTIONS A Contingency Analysis of Emotions and Emotional Behavior (Joe Layng)

Facebook-event Stockholm:

Onsdag 2 oktober GÖTEBORG

NTI-gymnasiet Kronhus. Kronhusgatan 9, Göteborg.

17.00 – 18.30 TAPS Think Aloud Problem Solving (Joe Layng & Joanne Robbins)

19.00 – 20.30 EMOTIONS A Contingency Analysis of Emotions and Emotional Behavior (Joe Layng)

Facebook-event Göteborg:

En halvdag med båda föreläsningarna (TAPS och EMOTIONS) kostar 800 kr.

Om du bara vill komma på en av föreläsningarna (TAPS eller EMOTIONS) betalar du 500 kr.

Anmäl dig via denna länk. Du väljer ort och betalningsalternativ (swish/pg eller faktura) i anmälningsformuläret!

Kort beskrivning av föreläsningarna och föreläsarna följer här – du kan även läsa mer i facebookeventen!

TAPS – Talk Aloud Problem Solving with Joanne Robbins and Joe Layng: Expert problem solvers engage in two repertoires as they reason through challenging problems. Not only do they act as Problem Solver, but they talk out loud and function as their own Active Listener. Procedures that develop TAPS (Talk Aloud Problem Solving) have contributed to great success in many environments with dramatic achievements for a wide variety of learners ranging from college students in engineering and pre- medical school programs to elementary school students with special education needs.

EMOTIONS – A Contingency Analysis of Emotions and Emotional Behavior with Joe Layng: What we think we know about emotions may be entirely wrong. Often we ask do our animals feel emotions as we do? The assumption is we have specific emotions which influence how we might behave. What is we don’t? What if emotions do not reside inside us, but intstead in or relationship with our environment? How is this possible? What does it mean for understanding emotions in non-human animals? Joe Layng will provide a basis for understanding human and animal emotions that takes emotions mostly out of the brain and puts them in the environment where we can do something about them.

Our presenters:

Joanne Robbins is the Principal and Associate Director of Morningside Academy in Seattle, WA, and a co-founder and executive director of Partnerships for Educational Excellence (PEER ) International. She has more than 30 years of experience in program development, curriculum design, and teaching and supervision of programs for children and youth. Dr. Robbins’ is the author of Learn to Reason with TAPS: A Talk Aloud Problem Solving Approach and co-author of Fluent Thinking Skills: A Generative Approach.

T. V. Joe Layng has nearly 50 years of experience in the experimental and applied analysis of behavior with a particular focus on the design of teaching/learning environments and clinical behavior analysis. At Chicago, working with pigeons, Joe investigated animal models of psychopathology, specifically the recurrence of pathological patterns (head-banging) as a function of normal behavioral processes. In 1999, he co-founded Headsprout and led the scientific team that developed the technology that formed the basis of the company’s patented Early Reading and Reading Comprehension online reading programs. Joe has published extensively on clinical behavior analysis, emotions, and instructional design.